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Hair Removal Laser Precision Deluxe Kit

Hair Removal Laser Precision Deluxe Kit

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Featuring the same diode laser technology as the Tria Hair Removal 4X, the Tria Precision is designed for smaller, more sensitive areas like the upper-lip and chin (female), bikini line and underarms.

What's in the box?
  + Hair Removal Laser Precision  
  + Full instructions guide
  + Mains charger (North America)
  + Calm Soothing Gel

  • 60 Days Risk Free
  • Free Shipping
  • 1-Year Warranty
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  • FDA-Cleared At-Home Hair removal laser

    Proven through dermatologist-led clinical studies, the Hair Removal Laser is FDA-cleared for safe and effective use.


    Contoured design is perfect for small, more sensitive areas like the bikini area, underarm, and face.


    Small, lightweight, and compact, the Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision is convenient to use both at-home and away, so you never have to miss a treatment.

  • harper’s bazaar

    “This smaller version has the same FDAapproved technology in a more compact size —ideal for targeting specific areas like the upper lip.”

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  • radar magazine

    “Tria precision is one of the most bought laser hair removal devices online. Tria 4x & Tria precision are both great devices to get rid of body hair.”

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Hair removal on your schedule. At a fraction of the cost.

Treatment Window Icon

Delivers laser light to disable hair follicles

Power Button Icon

Signals treatment level and battery life

Power Button Icon

Easily adjusts levels and turns the device on/off

Power Button Icon

Easy battery charging

Power Button Icon

The sensor in the tip of the device unlocks the laser

Why pay thousands of dollars for a professional treatment?

Professional laser hair removal is the “gold standard,” but it’s also expensive and can be a hassle.

Tria Lasers feature the same core diode laser technology used in professional offices.The Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision delivers excellent, permanent results.

*Costs are estimated based on the American Society of Plastic Surgeons which report an average of $429 per treatment , with prices fluctuating significantly depending on the body part and the amount of work required.

  • Ergonomics

    Tria Laser Precision is easy to use, especially when it comes to curves and angles in small, hard-to-reach areas.

  • Battery Life

    With a 15-minute battery life, Tria Laser Precision is ideal for quick treatments in small areas.

  • Perfectly Sized

    Compact and lightweight, Tria Laser Precision goes where you go, when you need it, at the gym or on the road.

The most powerful at-home hair removal solution

Our ultra high energy density, coupled with its precise laser wavelength selection, effectively targets the pigment in the hair follicle to permanently disable its ability to regrow hair.

Start each treatment with the Phytograph Hydrating Calm Soothing Gel

This plant-based gel features a proprietary k-beauty formula with calming chamomile extract (guaiazulene) that may help diminish the sensation of the laser treatment when set on higher levels.

This improved formula includes a botanical moisturizer with ceramide capsules that improve the skin barrier and provide a soothing effect, and is packed with “essences”.

Easy to use

“I use what I know works and what I trust, and that’s why I recommend the Tria for home- based laser hair removal.”

Eric Bernstein, M.D

Board-certified Dermatologist and Laser Surgeon




  • Money Back Guarantee

    Exclusive 60-day money-back guarantee through our website.

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  • Free Shipping

    Free standard shipping on all domestic orders except to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

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  • 1-Year Warranty

    1-year limited warranty on every Tria device.

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How do I Activate my Tria hair removal laser? 

Please click here and follow the instructions. All Tria hair removal lasers sold in the USA need to be Activated before their first use, this only needs to be completed once.

Can I use the Tria Hair Removal Laser on my face?

Use this laser on your face (females), underarms, legs, bikini line and arms to achieve smooth, hair-free skin. On the face, the laser can be used up to the top of the cheekbone, be sure to avoid your eye and eyebrow areas. For detailed directions, please read the user guide before you begin your treatment.

How long does a battery charge last?

Each charge on the Tria Laser Precision model lasts approximately 15 minutes.

Why do I have to shave?

Shaving removes the surface hair, which improves comfort and allows the light to reach the hair in the follicle. It also minimises the risk of burning your skin (which is rare).

Can I use my Tria Hair Removal Laser more often than every 2 weeks?

We recommend treating every 2 weeks for the best results. This treatment is optimal to target your hair follicle at each stage of its growth cycle. Treat the area once every 2 weeks over 3 months or until you are happy with the results. Therefore, a full course usually consists of 6 treatments. However, if you have thicker or denser hair in most or some areas, you may need to continue your laser treatments beyond 6 sessions to achieve better results.

Is my hair color suitable for using the Tria Hair Removal Laser?

Tria hair removal lasers are designed to work on naturally light brown through to black hair tones. This is because the technology targets the dark pigment in the hair, and lighter hair tones such as white, blond, red, or gray will not absorb enough of the laser's energy to disable the hair follicle. Please consult our hair color and skin tone chart to see if this laser will be effective for you.

How long does it take before I start seeing results?

About half-way through your course of 6 treatments, you’ll start to notice less hair regrowth. Plus, hair will usually appear finer, lighter or both. Please note that everyone’s hair and skin are different, and results will naturally vary.

How do I unlock my Tria Laser?

Power on your laser and unlock it by holding the device tip with the built-in skin sensor against the skin you wish to treat. If the Tria Laser Precision is safe for your skin tone, the laser will emit a series of beeps and unlock.

Can I share my Tria Hair Removal Laser?

This is not recommended due to hygiene reasons.

Can I use the Tria Hair Removal Laser on genitals?

This is not recommended due to the sensitive nature of the skin in these areas. It is also a consideration that the skin tone may differ, and the hair may be of greater density. Please note that our lasers have not been clinically trialled and cleared for use on these body areas.

Can my teenager use the Tria Hair Removal Laser?

All Tria lasers are recommended for age 18+ only. Our lasers have not been clinically trialled and cleared for under 18s to use.