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Hair Removal Laser Precision

With the same permanent results in our smallest package, Tria Laser Precision is a slim and ergonomic wonder designed for smaller, more sensitive areas like the bikini line or underarms. It's portable and lightweight allowing you to easily remove unwanted hair with permanent results.

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Hair Removal Laser Precision
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The Hair Removal Laser Precision is safe and effective on most skin and hair shades.
Find out if Tria is right for you by selecting your tone and color below for the area you wish to treat.
SKIN TONE: Select the skin tone of the face and/or body location you wish to treat.
white ivory beige light brown medium brown dark brown
or black

HAIR COLOR: Select the natural hair color of the face and/or body location you wish to treat.
blonde white or grey red light brown medium brown dark brown black 

Select your skin tone and hair color above to view your results.

Designed for small areas

Tria Laser Precision features the same advanced core diode laser technology preferred by dermatologists. While professional devices may offer higher peak power and/or greater speed of laser pulse, the Tria Laser Precision delivers excellent, permanent results in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Tria Laser Precision is easy to use, especially when it comes to curves and angles in small, hard-to-reach areas.

Battery life
With a 15-minute battery life, Tria Laser Precision is ideal for quick treatments in small areas.

Compact and lightweight, Tria Laser Precision goes where you go, when you need it, at the gym or on the road.


Get a SmoothStart

When treating sensitive areas with Tria Laser Precision, use our soothing SmoothStart Calming Gel for a more comfortable treatment experience.


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