Your Anti-Aging Skincare Guide

Your Anti-Aging Skincare Guide

Anti-Aging Skincare Tips for your Face

Ladies, it's never too late to start an anti-aging regimen. Gravity, the sun and age are always working to break down the look and feel of our healthy facial skin. But with so many treatments and products on the market, how is a woman supposed to know what to do? Here are the top 10 things you can do to keep your skin looking great!

Daily Sunscreen

We all know that collagen is the key to maintaining youthful-looking skin. Unfortunately, exposure to sunlight can slow the development of new collagen which can result in those dreaded wrinkles. No matter how young you are, finding a sufficiently strong sunscreen and learning how to properly apply it is critical for keeping fine lines and wrinkles at bay. Select a broad-spectrum sunscreen that is SPF30 or higher, apply it to all bare skin 15 minutes before you're in the sun and reapply every two hours to remain protected.

Eye Cream

By the time you're in your late 20s, you should have your eye cream routine down. Opt for creams that feature antioxidant properties, which help to fight wrinkles; and peptides, which trigger collagen production. Apply eye cream with your ring finger, which has the lightest touch. Dot the cream on the delicate skin under your eye, and massage gently from the inner to the outer corner. Apply in the morning before moisturizing and putting on makeup and again before bed.

Priming Cleanser

A good priming cleanser gently removes makeup and sunscreen, while exfoliating and leaving skin moisturized and with natural oils intact. When choosing a cleanser for your face, select one that's all-natural, without parabens, phthalates or sulfates.

Facial Serum

Many women can't tell the difference between facial serum and moisturizer, but it's simple. Because facial moisturizer generally features larger molecules, it won't penetrate facial skin as deeply as a serum, which can add nutrients deeper into the skin. Using facial serum not only reduces spots, wrinkles, signs of aging and discoloration, but also hydrates your skin as well.

Brightening Facial

Brightening facials can be a key boost in maintaining healthy skin, because of their moisturizing, nourishing effect. When choosing a brightening facial, choose one with Vitamin C, one of the most powerful antioxidants in skincare. Vitamin C helps even skin tone and brighten skin. With just 1-2 treatments each week, they can help to revitalize aging skin, leaving it softer, hydrated and more luminous.

Facial Moisturizer

To renew skin that's been dulled by aging and the sun, consider using a facial moisturizer. After applying a facial serum as part of a daily skincare regimen, apply the moisturizer to your face at night before bed. Choose one that's properly formulated for your skin type. Consider a daytime moisturizer with sunscreen and Vitamin C. Vitamin C provides a small amount of UV protection as well, giving your sunscreen an extra boost! At nighttime, consider using a moisturizer without sunscreen, one that reduces inflammation and provides vital elements to maintain soft, smooth skin.

Laser Technology

Though the cost of laser treatments at the dermatologist might be out of reach, the benefits cannot be understated. At-home laser treatments can give long-lasting, anti-aging results at a fraction of the cost of professional treatments.


Regularly catching only a few hours of sleep can hinder metabolism and hormone production in a way that is similar to the effects of aging, making your skin look a little worse for wear. Having a good night's sleep allows your body that downtime to repair itself, giving you time to heal all of your body's cells and tissues, like your skin, which can recover from stressors such as sun and environmental toxins. A good rule of thumb is to try and get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night.


It's no secret that working out keeps you younger. Having a regular fitness routine not only helps decrease your risk of developing health-related conditions, like heart disease, obesity and loss of muscle mass, but it can help lower levels of inflammation of the body, which is one way to help your body stay young. When active, your heart rate goes up so that more oxygen can be circulated, increasing your blood flow, which nourishes skin cells, keeping your skin looking healthy and vibrant. It's best to exercise for 30 minutes 3-5 times a week.


The food you eat along with a healthy lifestyle can help stall some of the visible signs of aging. Choosing nutrient-dense, healthy foods that contain antioxidants such as grapes, leafy greens, oranges and tomatoes, help your skin look and feel younger. Incorporate more colorful fruits and vegetables into your diet. For even more information to help you defy the signs of aging with at-home laser treatments and skin care specially formulated for laser-treated skin, learn more about our anti-aging skincare products.
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