Which Eye Cream is Best for You?

Which Eye Cream is Best for You?

How to Pick the Best Eye Cream for Anti-Aging

In case you were wondering, eye creams aren’t just for the over 40 crowd. They promote the health of the skin around your eyes. In doing this, eye creams work to counteract the inflammatory-causing effects of eye makeup and cleansers, and keep the skin around the eyes elastic and less prone to the effects of aging. From teens to the beyond-sixty set, eye cream should be a staple in a skincare regimen. Read on for our age-based guide to finding the best eye cream for you at any age.

Teens and Eye Cream

Teens may not realize it, but their skin is already vulnerable to some of the same aging effects that trouble people in their later years. Unfortunately, many of the products that are marketed directly to teens based on their affordability can contain ingredients that actually irritate the skin, like fragrances and certain plant extracts and oils. Irritation leads to inflammation, and inflammation can lead to premature aging. Teens should make sure to select an eye cream that is free of artificial fragrances and other artificial ingredients. Eye cream for this age group should also be rich in antioxidants and formulated for younger people’s specific skin type.

Eye Cream for People in Their Twenties

Young women in their twenties may not feel the need to use an eye cream to fight the bags, wrinkles and other signs of aging that haven’t shown up yet on their faces. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be using an eye cream daily, ideally morning and night. In your twenties, most of your age-prevention regimen should center on the prevention of damage to the skin around the eyes. Look for eye creams that are without artificial ingredients, while still providing antioxidants and sunscreen.

Eye Cream for People in Their Thirties

Once you reach your thirties, it’s important to refocus your skin care on the sensitive skin in the under-eye area. Stress, fatigue, the sun and other environmental damage can all begin to come to the surface in this decade, and it’s important to be well-armed in the fight against the eye bags and lines that are so often associated with aging. Switching to an eye cream that is heavy in antioxidants can help with the loss of collagen and elasticity that are the hallmarks of thinning skin at this stage in the aging process.

Eye Cream for People in Their Forties

The area around your eyes is already some of the thinnest and most fragile on your entire body. Once you reach your forties, aging has begun to thin this skin even further, stripping the skin of its elasticity and collagen. It is very important for women in their forties to apply a good anti-oxidant and nutrient rich eye cream consistently, every day. Also, using sunscreen becomes a more and more important part of combating the aging process at this point.

Eye Cream for People in Their Fifties

Once people get to this stage in life, it becomes tempting to retire from their strict skincare routine. Once you get to your fifties, it is time to double up your efforts to battle the aging effects of stress and the environment. Additionally, for women, the arrival of menopause can have additional damaging effects on the skin. Make sure to select an eye cream for daily use that includes retinol and other powerful antioxidants.

Beyond Sixty: Getting What You Need From an Eye Cream

In the decades beyond your sixtieth birthday, the more you maintain your daily regimen against aging, the better you will look and feel. This is especially true of the thin skin that surrounds your eyes. Regardless of your age, selecting and properly using the right eye cream for you will help you maintain a youthful, healthy appearance all throughout life.
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