Where laser hair removal works best

Where laser hair removal works best

Wondering if you can use laser hair removal all over your body? While from a technical vantage point you certainly can, there are some areas where hair removal lasers work best. Laser hair removal is a safe and effective way to permanently get rid of hair from the bikini area, underarms, legs, arms, and even from the face. And as luck would have it, these are the same areas that most people address when they turn to laser hair removal. Let's take a look at why laser hair removal from each of these areas could be a solution for you.
Laser hair removal on the bikini area

Laser for the Bikini Area

Hair removal lasers easily and effectively remove hair from the bikini area. Sometimes, women want to remove hair from the bikini area to feel more confident when they put on a bathing suit. They don't want the added stress of having to deal with shaving bumps and burns, and they don't want to have to shave every day, especially while on vacation. With laser of the bikini area, you can get the results of a full bikini wax or shape your bikini area hair however you like. The hair removal process is also quite fast, and sometimes, it can be done in just 20 minutes. We recommend our 4X Hair Removal Laser for areas such as the bikini and legs since you will need more battery time to finish these areas.


Laser hair removal treatment on your underarm area can leave you with long-lasting smoothness, and you won't have to think about shaving before you put on a tank top or strapless dress. Laser on the underarms is also quick and easy, and it gets rid of unsightly hair for good.
Underarm hair removal
Removing hair from the underarms is a procedure that you can do very simply on your own with our Precision Hair Removal Laser if you are interested in only treating smaller areas. If you've already removed hair from your legs or bikini area, then you'll be an expert at removing underarm hair.


Using hair removal lasers on your legs is a procedure that many women undergo in professional offices. They want a sleek look that's perfect for wearing skirts, shorter dresses, and shorts when the weather permits. But some people don't know that they can get the same smoothness by removing hair with a laser at home. With an at-home laser treatment, you're left with a clean-shaven look for a lifetime. Since it can take 20-30 minutes to complete one leg, we recommend using our larger 4X Hair Removal Laser for areas that take a longer amount of time.


Some women and men have hair on their arms that they prefer to shave often, but the stubble that is left behind can feel like sandpaper. Hair removal lasers work best on areas like the arms because they provide an easy alternative to shaving an area that gets noticed a lot. If your hair is light brown to black on your arms, you are a good candidate for Tria's hair removal lasers.

Hair Removal for the Face

We're not sure of any women who like shaving their face. The face, therefore, is an extremely popular place to remove hair with lasers. Laser hair removal on the face gets rid of peach fuzz, chin and upper lip hairs, and pesky sideburns. If you have PCOS and the hirsutism that can happen as a side effect, you can control the growth of those hairs with our lasers, but it will not be permanent. If you've been thinking about trying laser hair removal on any of these parts of your body, you can rest assured that the procedure is easy, economical, and safe. Laser hair removal can be your key to more confidence, without making you give up much of your time or money.
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