Using Laser Therapy to Combat Signs of Aging

Using Laser Therapy to Combat Signs of Aging

When Should You Use Laser Therapy for Skin Care?

It's said that time heals all wounds, but it can also take its toll on one's skin. Wrinkles and fine lines can give away your age, or even make you look older than you actually are. And though it's impossible to stop time, fortunately, there is a way to improve your skin's appearance and to regain that youthful glow. Makeup may camouflage various signs of aging, but its magic vanishes as soon as you wash it off. Anti-aging laser therapy, on the other hand, actually treats on a cellular level and leverages your body's own natural healing process to improve fine lines and wrinkles. Is your skin starting to lose its luster? Are you beginning to notice new wrinkles every time you look in the mirror? Do you fantasize about the mythical fountain of youth while putting on your foundation every morning? Then it may be time to start thinking about laser skin therapy.

The Science Behind Laser Therapy

As you age, cells called fibroblasts slow their production of collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycan. When these proteins are lacking in the body, the skin loses its ability to repair itself. A history of excessive exposure to UV rays can also cause visible signs of aging. Photo-aged skin can also exhibit a reduction in elasticity and strength. Anti-aging lasers works by penetrating the skin's surface with targeted beams of light. These laser-light pulses create microscopic zones of cellular disruption, stimulating the body's natural healing process which stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.

Is Laser Skin Therapy Effective?

Laser skin therapy is known for its impressive results. Patients see improvements in the overall texture, clarity and radiance of their facial skin. As the body produces new collagen and elastin, the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines is greatly reduced, and the skin regains its youthful glow.

How Safe Is Laser Skin Therapy?

Anti-aging laser treatments are a very common cosmetic procedure, and its safety has been well established. Side effects are generally quite minimal, and the vast majority of patients are able to continue going about their daily activities with minimal discomfort.

What About At-Home Laser Skin Therapy?

Laser therapy is a safe solution that offers remarkable results. However, making regular office visits can get quite expensive, not to mention inconvenient. Until very recently, anti-aging laser treatments were only available from a professional dermatologist. Fortunately, that's no longer the case. Now, the Tria Age-Defying Laser offers the technology in an at-home option. The Age-Defying Laser was created in collaboration with plastic surgeons and dermatologists. It's FDA-cleared, safe, and clinically-proven to be an effective tool to treat fine lines and wrinkles. If you're concerned that learning to use the Tria Age-Defying Laser will be difficult, don't be – it's incredibly simple. First, wash and dry your face. Next, just select your treatment level and glide the laser slowly across your face. The laser will beep when the treatment is complete, so there's no need to worry about overdoing it. Once you've finished your laser treatment, apply Tria Beauty's Finishing Serum. This nourishing facial treatment will soothe and moisturize your skin.
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