The Right Way to Concealing Pimples

The Right Way to Concealing Pimples

Best Ways to Conceal Pimples with Makeup

Need to make a pimple disappear fast? Just cover it up with makeup! Concealing pimples with makeup is often all you need to do to get through a day, or evening, with a flawless-looking complexion. And in this article, we'll show you how it can be done. Here, we'll also tell you what beauty products you should keep in your beauty bag so you can be prepared for those unwanted pimples. It seems like they always pop up at the worst time: right before a date, when you know you'll see that someone you've had your eye on, or before a job interview. Of course, a little pimple on your face shouldn't matter to anyone, but it can be distracting when the last thing you want people paying attention to is the pimple, instead of your personality. With that in mind, here are the best ways to conceal pimples with makeup.

Cover-up and a Concealing Brush

The first thing you'll want to do when you're trying to cover up a pimple with makeup is to put a think layer of complexion-matching cover-up on a concealing brush. These brushes have a point and flat bristles.

Press and Twist

Next, you'll want to place the bristles on top of the pimple, press down, and twist. This will get the concealer into all of the little crevices in the blemish.

Blend the Concealing Makeup

After you've dotted the pimple with concealer, you'll want to take your finger and gently tap the concealer into the surrounding skin to blend it. Do this all around the pimple, until the edges are softened.

Apply Foundation

Now you can apply foundation to the rest of your face. Take the foundation up to the perimeter of the pimple, so that all of your face is the same shade. Your foundation and your concealer should be a perfect color match.

Dust Powder

Dip your finger into loose powder that matches the color of your skin, concealer, and foundation exactly. Lightly tap your finger over the pimple. The cornstarch or talc in the powder keeps the oils in your skin from melting the makeup off. That's it! That's all you have to do to keep your pimple under cover. If you're wondering what the best cover-ups, foundations, and powders are to use for concealing pimples, here are a few things to look for.


If you're using a salicylic acid treatment for your pimples, skip it when you want wear makeup and have your makeup stay on. Skin that's been treated with salicylic acid is tacky, and makeup doesn't stick to it easily. Instead, consider a cover-up that has the acne-fighting ingredient in it.


Ultra-sheer foundations may not be the best foundations to use when you want to conceal a pimple. Instead, you'll want to choose a foundation that has a thicker texture because it will blend in better with the concealer.


When purchasing a powder specifically to cover pimples, opt for a loose powder over others. Pressed powders are dense and they usually require you to spread them on your face with more force than a loose powder would. And that means you might spread your concealer right off if you use a pressed powder.

A Bonus Tip for Concealing Pimples With Makeup

A bonus tip for concealing pimples with makeup is do not, under any circumstances, pop your pimple. This will make it ooze pus or blood, which will be extremely difficult to conceal, even with the best makeup. Use this handy guide to conceal your pimples and you might even forget the pimple is there! Good luck!
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