Skincare Tips for Long Flights

Skincare Tips for Long Flights

5 Tips to Keep Skin Looking Fresh After a Long Flight

Long flights can be extremely challenging for your skin. We're talking flights that last more than six hours, or flights that keep you away from your normal daily routine for a long period of time. These kinds of flights often leave you without all the water you would normally drink, which means skin can get dry and tired. Extended flights also sometimes make it difficult to sleep, which may mean you see bags and dark circles under your eyes – not good.
If you've got a long flight coming up, we want to help you keep your skin fresh and glowing. You likely have something important to attend to on the other end of your plane ride, so we're going to show you how to look and feel your best, no matter how long the flight lasts. Here are five tips to keep skin looking fresh after a long flight. They're actually tips on what to do while you're on your flight, so you can look fabulous for anything that may come later.

1. Ditch the Makeup

For your long flight, we recommend you go makeup-free. Don't worry about what people will think of you – chances are they won't think about your makeup-free face too much, anyway. Remove all of your makeup before your board the plane and cover your face with a gentle, but really hydrating moisturizer (we especially love coconut oil). Then, when you get to your destination, you can head to the bathroom to put on some fresh makeup if you want.

2. Drink Water

We know some people worry about inconveniencing their neighbor if they have to step over them to use the bathroom a lot, but this really shouldn't be an issue. We suggest you don't skimp on the water when you're flying on a long journey. Instead, drink what you normally would and use the restroom as you see fit. You need to stay hydrated even while up in the air, and drinking plenty of water helps your skin stay radiant and hydrated.

3. Put on a Mask

Taking a long flight is a perfect time to put on a nourishing facemask, and your skin will thank you for it when all is said and done. After you get cozy in your seat, simply pop out a mirror and apply your mask. Then, plug in your headphones, relax, enjoy some music, and let the good-for-you ingredients soak into your skin for as long as you like. Wash your mask off in the restroom, moisturize, and thank yourself for allowing this little bit of nurturing time.

4. Get Some Sleep on the Flight

Long flights are great opportunities for catching up on your sleep, even though you might have to try extra hard to drown out noise and get comfortable. If you want, buy an eye mask to keep it dark enough for you to sleep, and think about purchasing a neck pillow for added comfort. You also might want to plug in some earplugs. When all that prep work is done, get as much rest as you can for healthy skin.

5. Mist Your Face

Every hour or so, spray a light, hydrating antioxidant mist on your face to perk it up and keep it fresh despite the stale airplane air. Your skin will love it and your spirit probably will, too. Something about a face mist just seems to trigger a lightening of the mind! If you use these five tips for healthy skin and flying, we think you'll be thrilled with how alive and ready to face the world you look, and feel, when you land. Flying and healthy skin can go together, you just need to be prepared."
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