Makeup vs. Acne: How to Keep Healthy Skin

Makeup vs. Acne: How to Keep Healthy Skin

Your Love-Hate Relationship with Makeup and Acne

It's fun to wear makeup. After all, it's exciting to see your face transform when you spice things up with a little color, texture and design. But what's not so fun is the acne that can break out if we don't manage wearing and applying our makeup correctly. '' So just how do you wear makeup without having to deal with unsightly acne? How are makeup and acne related, and what can you do to end your love-hate relationship with makeup? Consider the following ideas, and don't let the makeup you love lead to the acne you can definitely live without.

Choose Natural Ingredients in Your Makeup

If you want to keep your skin looking healthy and acne-free, then be sure to only choose makeup that's made with natural and gentle ingredients. There are some amazing brands of makeup out there that are composed entirely of minerals and ingredients that are sourced directly from the earth. These makeup products include foundations, blushes, eye shadows, and bronzing powders that are made so that they don't clog pores. Some of the ingredients that you'll find in traditional makeups are very harsh and they can irritate the skin, causing imbalances that lead to acne.

Don't Put Makeup on Too Heavy

When you're wearing makeup, you don't need to put it on in a super heavy fashion, even if you're trying to cover something up as small as a pimple. Usually, when you put tons of makeup on, it only accentuates any blemishes or spots that you're trying to hide. Always apply your makeup in a light manner, only using enough to add color and contour to your face. And best of all, light applications of makeup won't clog pores, which can cause acne.

Wash Your Makeup Off at Night to Avoid Acne

It's important to always wash your makeup off at night so your skin can breathe while you sleep. When skin is kept under makeup all day, oil can gather in pores and lead to acne breakouts. Also, makeup can attract dirt and dust to your skin. When these substances stick to the makeup, they also stick to your face. Leaving makeup muck on all night could allow impurities into your skin, which can give you acne.

Try Not to Wear Makeup Every Day

We're certain that you look lovely without makeup (and we know you're beautiful on the inside, which is what really matters). With this in mind, consider not wearing makeup every single day. This way, you can give your face a break now and then, or perhaps every other day or on the weekends, and let your skin breathe. Skipping makeup for a day or two keeps foreign substances off of your skin, and it's a reminder that we can enjoy living as our natural, gorgeous selves.

Choose Powder Foundation Over Liquid

Many women agree that a dusting of powder mineral foundation over the face is all that's needed to look bright, radiant, and glowing. Powder foundation is light, especially when applied with a brush, and it gives skin a chance to stay aerated. Heavy liquid foundations can trap the skin's natural oils inside, which can then turn into acne spots.

Enjoying Makeup, Avoiding Acne

Makeup and acne don't have to go hand in hand, because there are so many ways to look and feel beautiful without having your skin suffer. We love to encourage women to do what they want to look fabulous, but to also consider the health of their skin and bodies at the same time. The health of your skin depends on choosing safe and natural products, using them in moderation, and giving your skin a break from time to time. Take just a bit of time to think about the makeup you're using, the way you apply makeup, and the manner in which you keep your skin clean and healthy. With just a bit of preparation, you can be acne-free and still enjoy the extra beauty that makeup can offer!
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