How To Use Tria’s Laser Hair Removal Treatment

How To Use Tria’s Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Getting Started with the Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X

Embarking on your at-home laser hair removal journey can seem daunting, but Tria is here to help! We’ve made our Hair Removal laser 4X incredibly easy to use and, as always, please reach out to our Tria team with any questions or concerns. Here’s a quick look at how to use your new Tria laser.

Get to Know Your New Tria



The Tria Power Settings

Before you use the device for the first time, you should test it on your skin. This is the section “How to Test the Laser on a Patch of Skin” in the instruction book. As it says there, you should start on the lowest setting, and if it feels tolerable then try again on the next highest setting. If you feel more than moderate pain or discomfort, use the next lowest setting—for example, if it is too uncomfortable on setting 3, use setting 2 for your treatments.

The five settings are five different levels of intensity. Using a lower intensity means that the treatment will work slower, but cause less discomfort—if it hurts, you should use a lower setting. As it says in the instruction booklet, you should test the laser on a patch of skin before you start your treatments, and test it first on the lowest setting.

Step 1: Prep Your Skin

Cleanse the treatment area thoroughly, removing all cosmetics, lotions, and creams from the area you wish to treat to allow the laser treatment to easily penetrate the skin.

Shave the treatment area thoroughly using a new razor. This allows the laser treatment to be most effective because the laser works on the hair inside the follicle, under the surface of the skin.

Wipe your skin with a cool, damp cloth to remove any shaving cream or soap, and then dry the area well.

We also recommend the Tria Phytograph Hydrating Calm Soothing Gel, which features ingredients to keep skin cool and comfortable and help speed treatment with your Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X or Precision laser. Apply liberally prior to treatment and reapply following treatment to calm and soothe skin.

Please note: Waxing and plucking are not advisable any time between treatments because both remove hair from the follicle. The hair inside the follicle needs to be present for the Hair Removal Laser Precision treatments to be effective.

Step 2: Turn on the Device and Select a Treatment Level

Unplug the Tria Hair Removal Laser from the battery charger. It will not turn operate while plugged in.Hold the device and press the power button to turn it on. The display will show the Lock and Skin Sensor icons, indicating that the device is locked.

Hold the skin sensor (the red light at the base of the device) against the skin in the area you wish to treat.  The skin sensor will automatically sense and check your skin.
If it's suited for your skin tone in the area you wish to treat, the Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision will emit a series of "da da da."

*If the lock icon is still visible and you do not hear a series of beeps, then it may not be safe for you to use the 4X.  Verify that your skin tone in the area you wish to treat matches the intended tone on the Skin Tone + Hair Color Chart on page 2 of the included instructions for use.

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