Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?

The Benefits of At –Home Laser Hair Removal

For many people, unwanted body hair removal is a regular part of their daily or weekly beauty regimen. There are several hair removal methods available, but most have a few pretty inconvenient drawbacks.Shaving is effective and affordable, for example, but the results only last a couple of days. And while it's not actually true that shaving causes hair to grow back thicker, shaved hairs feel coarser when growing back in. Plus, there's razor burn, cuts and ingrown hairs to worry about. Tweezing works well for unwanted facial hair, but it the hair breaks off below the skin, it can cause a painful and unsightly ingrown hair, which is no fun for your skin! Waxing offers relatively long –lasting results, but anyone who has ever had it done will tell you that it can be quite painful. Plus, it can result in bumps and redness, not to mention a hair follicle infection.Depilatory creams dissolve hair, but the results of this treatment are fairly unpredictable. And if you leave the creams on your skin for too long, they may cause chemical burns. Electrolysis works well for small areas such as the upper lip, but it's also time –consuming and can be painful, too.

Laser Hair Removal: The Gold Standard

Yes, there are many ways to remove unwanted hair, but the gold standard has always been laser hair removal. Of all the hair removal methods, it's undoubtedly the most effective option for long –term, safe and effective hair removal.Laser hair removal is precise; it directly targets unwanted hairs, and leaves the surrounding skin untouched. It's also fast; each laser pulse can target multiple hairs, but only lasts a fraction of a second.And for many patients, the results of laser hair removal become permanent after just three to seven sessions.It's well established that laser hair removal is effective, but how safe is it, really?

Don't Let the Word Laser Scare You

Using a laser to zap unwanted hair might sound like overkill, but the lasers used for hair removal are finely tuned, and purpose –built medical instruments. In the hands of an experienced practitioner, laser hair removal is safe and efficacious.However, if you're going to pay for laser hair removal, then you may want to seek out a board –certified dermatologist. Commercial laser hair removal equipment can be hazardous when operated by a novice.

At –Home Laser Hair Removal?

At first blush, the idea of do –it –yourself laser hair removal might seem to be a questionable one. We've already established that commercial laser equipment can cause injury if used incorrectly. But there is a product that produces dermatologist –quality results without the inconvenience and expense of regular office visits.It's called the Tria Hair Removal Laser, and it's the only laser hair removal system that's approved for home treatment by the FDA.

Safe and Effective Home Hair Removal

Tria's diode lasers are based on the same technology used in professional hair removal lasers, but the outputs have been carefully adjusted to allow for safe consumer use.A study conducted by Lasers in Surgery and Medicine found that the Tria Laser Hair Removal System offered professional –quality results with minimal side effects. For those seeking a convenient, cost –effective, safe, and powerful hair removal system, the Tria Laser is a very attractive option.Tria Beauty's at –home laser hair removal technology is available in two models: Hair Removal Laser 4x and the Hair Removal Laser Precision. The 4x is designed for larger treatment areas, and the Precision is perfect for smaller treatment zones, such as under –arms and sensitive bikini areas.
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