Halloween Makeup and Healthy Skin Tips

Halloween Makeup and Healthy Skin Tips

How to Keep Skin Looking Healthy on Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner, and you're probably already planning something amazing for your costume. Most likely, that amazing costume will require a bit more makeup than you are used to using on a regular basis. It very well might also include using makeup on parts of your body that normally aren't subjected to it. If you're anything like most people when it comes to Halloween makeup, you're probably planning to slather on the grease paint and deal with the consequences the next day – Fear not, you will not have to do that this year! Check out our guide below to preparing your skin, applying Halloween makeup and cleaning up afterwards, and you'll be on your way to a holiday that won't have you dealing with unsightly skin irritation and blemishes the next day!

Allow Yourself Time to Prepare Your Skin

This is a common mistake: Depending on the day of the week and whatever else you have going on, it can almost be a necessity to rush in the door, slap on your makeup, jump into your costume, and head out to the costume parties. This year, though, opt for doing this a bit differently. Give yourself ample time, and give your skin the adequate preparation it needs prior to applying makeup to keep yourself breakout-free on November 1st. If you can take the time to exfoliate before you get out the brushes and applicators, you'll benefit in two ways. First of all, your skin will be much smoother than it would have been otherwise, which will make applying your Halloween makeup easier. Secondly, this will dramatically cut down on the amount of dead skin on your face, which will reduce the amount of dead skin clogging your pores along with that goopy costume makeup. As we all know by now, blemishes are typically caused by three things: dead skin, bacteria and oil. If you can eliminate as much of these as possible prior to sealing your face with a layer of heavy makeup, it will help cut down on the potential for pimple breakout afterward.

Apply a Protective Base Before Halloween Makeup

Moisturizing your face prior to putting on makeup will give you a protective barrier against the makeup's potential to stain your skin, or to leave behind heavy grease. Alternatively, you can use a primer as a base layer. These not only provide a barrier between your skin and the costume makeup, but also nourish skin while protecting it.

This Halloween, Be Gentle With Your Skin

Not all costume makeup is created equal. Many are downright skin-unfriendly and can do actual damage to your complexion, staining and leaving behind greasy deposits that can be very difficult to remove. If it's at all possible, try to use professional-grade Halloween makeup for colors that may be outside of your regular pallet. If you're stuck with drugstore garish colors that may be made of questionable ingredients, then make sure that you lay down a mineral foundation first, as a protective base layer. Also, keep in mind that a finishing spray will not only help protect your clothes from smeared makeup, but it will also likely prevent the need for additional applications of makeup throughout the evening.

Clean Up on Halloween Night!

No matter how much fun you have, no matter how late you get home, and no matter how much you really need to sleep, make sure that you take the time to clean your skin at the end of Halloween night, before you go to bed. Remember the old adage that like-cleans-like, and use an oil-based cleanser to remove your makeup prior to exfoliating and moisturizing. Your pillowcase will thank you – and your skin will thank you, too!
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