Fall Beauty Trends -  Hair & Makeup Tips

Fall Beauty Trends - Hair & Makeup Tips

Falling in Love With Fall: Our Favorite Beauty Trends of the Season

The fall season brings so many wonderful things: Leaves turning red and gold, scrumptious treats, warm drinks, and cozy clothing are just a few of them. During the fall, hair and makeup tend to get a bit of a seasonal makeover too, and we love it as styles turn from relaxed to glamorous. Fall is a season when holiday gatherings kick into full swing, so of course, hairstyles and faces begin to look much more chic than they did during summer. With that in mind, we've come up with a few reasons why we're falling in love with fall, and we compiled a handy list of some fantastic fall beauty trends that are sure to inspire you as you put together your autumn look this year.

Fall Hair Trends: Bangs are Staying

For hair trends, count on big, thick bangs to be one of the top fall hairstyles. Something about the way that the hair hugs the face with bangs just speaks to the comfort and warmth of the season. If you're looking to be noticed at the party or when you're out on the town, bangs will surely help! Bangs have been hot on the runways for three seasons now, and we don't see this fall beauty trend going anywhere soon.

The New Ponytail

The new ponytail for fall is much different than what women have been sporting all summer. Instead, it's runway ready and anything but relaxed. To fashion this style of ponytail for fall, you'll need to consider ultra-long asymmetrical versions or ponytails placed high and stylish on the crown of the head. New York and Paris are already seeing fashion's elite donning this beautiful fall style.

Standout Eyes are on the Way for Fall

Striking, dramatic eyes will characterize fall makeup this year. To make a statement for fall, opt for lids with blocks of color and lash lines rimmed in kohl. We've also spotted some amazing eyes with brushstroke wings in white. Fall eye makeup is all about combining the qualities of imaginative paintings together with urban sensibilities.


This fall fashion season is going to be about adorning oneself with decorative accents on both hair and skin, just like the bold statement on the runway that Givenchy recently made with facial jewelry. Other beauty trends for fall in terms of body décor will likely include things like shimmering crystals placed beneath eyelashes, and jewels stranded through chignons.

A Re-seasoned Up-do: Perfect for Fall

Buns and knots are going sleek and tight for fall, with Balenciaga and Oscar de la Renta standing as just a couple of the designers who showed off up-dos for the new season at recent shows. Mark Jacobs took a popular, casual street style and thrilled his followers by transforming it into a style perfect for a fall evening affair.

Red Lips

You'll certainly see a broad range of red lips this fall. The season is known for crimson-shaded pouts, but this year we're sure that this beauty trend will offer even more hues worth emulating. We love the barely-there crimson stains, the appealing cranberry shades, and the saturated cherry coloring, which will definitely be high on every fashionistas autumn ""must-have"" list.

Crisp Fall-Ready Skin

Fall is all about highlighting your facial features, so plan on having your skin in tip-top shape and super-clean condition. A few beauty tips for fall: Drink plenty of water, use gentle-but-fun makeup, wash your face with a nourishing cleanser and moisturize well. Weather, parties-, and the busyness of the season will probably have an effect on the lot of us, so we need to take care of ourselves to keep our radiant-looking skin in first-class health.

Finding the Right Trends for You This Fall

We absolutely adore fall, and we hope that you'll love trying out these fun fall fashion and beauty trends that we plan to take advantage of for ourselves. Enjoy the season – and go fall in love with the looks, the experiences, and the people you'll meet during this special time of year.
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