Beautiful and spooky Halloween makeup ideas

Beautiful and spooky Halloween makeup ideas

If you are like me, you absolutely live for the month of October leading up to Halloween. I could definitely do without seeing the costume stores going up in August, but once October 1st hits, I'm ready for the spooky decor and inspiration for Halloween makeup ideas! I browsed Instagram for the most beautiful and spookiest Halloween makeup looks that I could find. There is some amazing inspiration out there, and it just keeps getting better! Are you looking forward to trying some of these looks out?

MALEFICENT MAKEUP Disney's Maleficent is going to be a huge Halloween this year, and it looks like an easy look to achieve if you have the right tools and costume pieces. There are a couple versions of this look that will go over fantastic at your Halloween party this year: you can go classic Maleficent with a complete makeup kit from Party City, where they also sell the costume to go with it. They offer a 20% off coupon for orders over $35, which is an added bonus!
Morphe 9A Artistry Palette
If you are going for the Angelina Jolie version of Maleficent like you see in the photo above, you'll need a makeup palette with several shades of contour colors and red lipstick. I suggest the Morphe 9A Always Golden Artistry Palette due to the fact that it has a variety of brown shades to create that deep cheekbone and a black shade. Plus, this palette will definitely not go to waste--those colors are very wearable for everyday looks.
ColourPop Evil Queen Lipstick
Now for that vixen red lip color! If you prefer liquid lipstick, I love the Jeffree Star Redrum Velour Liquid Lipstick, also available at Morphe. If a traditional tube of lipstick is up your alley, ColourPop released a lipstick, Evil Queen, as part of their Villians collection with Disney. What a perfect match! You can watch the video tutorial on how @dressyourface did this Maleficent look right here!

Pennywise The Clown Makeup Another popular Halloween look making the rounds on Instagram this month is Pennywise, the evil and horrifying clown from the movie IT. In fact, the look was being worn well before Halloween--some theaters banned costumes and clown makeup back in early September when the movie released. Since nobody is banning Halloween, we are free to let our Pennywise flags fly! I am loving the more feminine take on the clown character's makeup, and it seems a bit less scary if young kids are around. To get this look, you only need a few things: white clown makeup base, red lipstick or theatrical makeup crayon and black eyeshadow/mascara/eyeliner. Luckily, the Spirit Halloween Store sells complete Pennywise makeup kits, and they include adhesive parts to make it easy for the non-artsy people out there. The "I Love Derry" balloons not included! Need a costume? This Pennywise women's costume from Party City is by far the best one I've seen if you are going for a pretty evil clown look...if that's even possible!

Harley Quinn Makeup Our favorite female Suicide Squad vigilante, Harley Quinn, will make it back to the big screen come February 2020, and I am more than excited about it! It seems like I am not the only one that is excited. There are many interpretations of this character's look, but I think the simpler, the better. There's not much to it! The artist that created the look in the photo above used the Morphe 35B Eyeshadow Palette, which is not apparently available in the US, and plus, do you really need a giant eyeshadow palette? Luckily, Morphe sells eyeshadow single pans for $2.50 each! You can choose Morphe's Aquatic Earth eyeshadow color for your left eye look, and a stunning hot pink shade like Morphe's Orchid eyeshadow single. Take a look at my exact recommendation for red lipstick up where I spoke about the Maleficent makeup. It is definitely the same shade of red! The famous blue and pink Harley Quinn hair might be a little difficult, but thankfully wigs and colored hairspray exist! If you are looking for a less expensive "toss in the trash" wig, the Harley Quinn wig from Party City looks like it will get the job done. If you want to get serious about your Harley hair, then look for a lace front wig. A good synthetic one will set you back $120, but you will definitely stand out as having the best costume at your party! As for costumes, you have several choices! The Party City choice is a bit sexy for an office or neighbor's Halloween party, but the Rubie's version requires your black yoga or stretch pants you already have to pull this top and jacket ensemble together.

Princess Jasmine Makeup The makeup look for Disney's Princess Jasmine can be just about anything because this look is all about the accessories! I particularly like the makeup look shown in the photo above because it uses neutrals that you may already have at home, except some of us may not have a turquoise eyeshadow to use. I think the blue shadow gives the look at a more costumey vibe which is appropriate for Halloween, but I also think you could use alternatives such as blue or gold glitter on the bottom eyelid area. If you are more inclined to head to the drugstore for your Jasmine look, check out NYX Cosmetics Pigment Eyeshadow in Sea Foam, if that color doesn't scream Princess Jasmine, I don't know what else does! As for costumes, the same rule goes for what I mentioned in the section about Harley Quinn--you can go super sexy Jasmine or tone it down for taking the kids trick-or-treating. The hair is very important to make the Jasmine look come alive--if you have naturally black long hair, you are blessed! If not, there are inexpensive wig options that won't cost you your magic lamp. As for the beautiful headpiece and jewelry ensemble, there are many gorgeous handmade Princess Jasmine pieces on Etsy right now.

WITCH MAKEUP Now, for one of my favorites--the witch. This is simply the most fool-proof way to do Halloween and can be as simple as a witch hat and a black sweater. But, if you want to be 100% That Witch, then you will need some inspiration. I fell in love with this look in the photo above due to the neon green eyeshadow that stood out among 100 other photos on the same page. This eyeshadow look takes some major blending skill, but if you want to go simple, you can use the eyeshadow in the inner corner of your eyes or as a single color on the bottom lid. Now, keep in mind that the artist used a $60 palette for the eyeshadow look. You can find a similar neon palette on Amazon for $14--and it is rated 4.5 stars. For the witchy symbols, you can use any liquid eyeliner and go wild. Stars, moons, freckles, you can do just about anything that matches your mood. Milk Makeup creates moon and stars stamps if you are in a hurry or don't feel you have an artistic touch. No matter what look you choose for Halloween night, make sure you are wearing something reflective if you plan on walking around in the dark seeking treats. I sound like a naggy mom, but it is all about safety first! Have a happy and safe Halloween!
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