10 Not-So-Fun Facts About Shaving

10 Not-So-Fun Facts About Shaving

The Cons of Shaving

Having sleek and smooth skin on your body feels good, which is why many people shave their legs and other parts of their bodies. Having to deal with the challenges that go along with shaving, however, is not always so great. Are you wondering whether you should continue with your usual routine, considering all of the cons involved with shaving? Consider the following 10 not-so-fun facts about shaving, and then think about if you're ready for a new way to get silky skin all over.

1. Shaving Irritates the Skin

Shaving under your arms and anywhere else on your body gets rid of unwanted hair, but it also brings complications for many people. Depending on your skin type, you might find that shaving is not suitable for you; for example, ultra-sensitive skin can irritate easily. When you shave, you remove a thin layer of skin along with the hair, and that can cause problems if you're extremely sensitive.

2. You Need to Shave Constantly

In order for your skin to stay soft, you have to shave on a consistent basis. Removing body hair through shaving is effective for a few days. After you shave, your hair will appear to grow in faster, thicker, and coarser. This is one of the cons of shaving that frustrates a lot of women.

3. Shaved Legs Can Burn

If you've ever shaved your legs and then jumped into the ocean, you know what we mean when we say that shaved legs can burn. They'll likely burn quite a bit if they're newly shaved, if you go swimming in salt water, or even in a chlorinated pool. You'll likely feel a stinging sensation on your skin that takes the fun out of what you're doing, and you may even experience this burning when simply applying lotion.

4. Ingrown Hairs From Shaving

Often, shaving your legs can leave you with tons of small, red bumps on your skin. These are caused when shaved-off hair grows out a bit, and then curls back into the hair follicle. These ingrown hairs appear as raised dots on shaven areas, and can be painful, if not unsightly.

5. You Can Cut Yourself While Shaving

Shaving is relatively safe, but for anyone who's in a hurry or is using a razor that is brand new or too sharp, you take the chance of seriously cutting yourself. Even dull razors can cut, and cuts with rusty razors can be harmful to your health.

6. Dark or Red Spots

If you repeatedly shave a certain area, the skin can become dark or red, which is definitely one of the downsides to shaving. Dark or red patches occur because hair is only removed at the skin's surface when shaving, not at the root, and the shaved hair stands out against lighter skin.

7. Itching Caused by Shaving

Many women who shave regularly complain about constant itching after the fact. Who wants to be freshly shaved in a beautiful dress, on a beautiful evening, and be itching your legs, armpits, or other sensitive areas?

8. Wasted Water and Shaving Product

Some women use a shaving cream to shave, while others shave with soap. Still others just let water run on their body as they shave. And, most ladies constantly have to rinse their razor in water while shaving. Over time, shaving can use up many gallons of soap, shaving products, and water.

9. Razors Are Expensive

In order to keep shaving razors sharp and in sterile condition, you have to replace them often, which comes with a price. The blades themselves should be switched out very frequently, because they can get dull and become ineffective, and because they rust. If you have a razor that lets you keep the handle and just replace the blades, that's good, but you'll still have to pay for new blades often.

10. Razors Are Not Eco-Friendly

Think for a bit about the amount of razors the average person uses in their lifetime. Again, even if you have a razor that has replaceable blades, you'll likely go through quite a few of these over the course of your life, when shaving regularly. All of these razors and blades take resources to produce and take up space when disposed of. At times, the materials might be recyclable, but may or may not exactly be eco-friendly. Whether to shave or not is a personal decision, but the not-so-fun facts about shaving have led many women to opt for alternatives. What method have you come up with, to work around the downsides of shaving?
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