Post-treatment results. Clinical and consumer data on file.

Eye-opening Results

See what real users have to say about the results they saw when using the SmoothBeauty™ Eye Wrinkle Laser every night for 8 weeks.

Real results you
can see

3 Steps to Younger Looking Eyes

Step 1: Cleanse

Use the Priming Cleanser to remove all
traces of makeup, sunscreen and other
products than can block the laser beam.

Step 2: Treat

Glide device around each eye area for 1 minute every night for 8 weeks.

Step 3: Nourish

Apply the Nourishing Eye Renewal Cream post treatment to nourish and soothe laser-treated skin.

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Tria Tips

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Perfected by Tria, the experts in light-based, at-home skincare, the SmoothBeauty™ Eye Wrinkle Laser is FDA-cleared. It is safe to use around your eye area to diminish fine lines and wrinkles.

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