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DIY Color Powder {For a Color Fight}

Randy Dukes from the blog Dukes & Duchesses loves to share her creative crafts and recipes. Find her original step-by-step guide here.

I shared our colorful color fight party and now I want to show you how to make the DIY color powder for the color fight! This DIY version will save you lots of money over the store bought variety and you'll get a bold, colorful powder that's also nontoxic.

To make it, all you need is cornstarch {lots of it!} and food coloring. Color paste or gel coloring, like the Wilton brand, works the best and will give you a bold color. You can use liquid food coloring but you'll end up with muted, pale colors and that isn't nearly as fun!

You'll need large pans to mix the color powder. Foil pans from the dollar store are cheap and easy. I found them in sets of two so each pan was only fifty cents. Another purchase I would highly recommend? Disposable plastic gloves to protect your hands from the color.

In the pan, mix together 2 cups of cornstarch and 1 cup of water. Mix together, using your hands as needed. The mixture is actually difficult to mix and I found it easier to get right in there with gloved hands and squeeze it together.

Once you've got it mixed fairly well, add one full 1 ounce container of coloring paste and, with gloved hands, mix until the color is blended throughout. Repeat this process for each color using new gloves each time.

If you want a bigger batch of each color, double the cornstarch and water. To save money, you don't need to double the coloring. You'll still get quite a bold color.

Place the pans in a dry location and let them dry out for a couple of days. Over the drying days, I used a fork to stir and break up the powder a bit, letting it really have a chance to dry out.

When the powder has dried completely, blend it in a food processor to remove all of the chunks...

...then place it in large mason jars or another container.

I used a pour spout lid on each jar to make refills easier during the party but you could also pour straight out of the jar.

This simple recipe makes a bold-colored powder ... and you don't have to worry if they get a bit in their mouth!

Not up for making your own DIY color powder? Order holi powder online!

Don't miss all the details of the color fight party where this powder was used!


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