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Best Primer for Acne Prone Skin of 2016

Beauty Expert and Retailer Makeup By Chelsea narrows down the top primers of 2016. Find the original post here.

Primers have rose in the makeup industry and gained a well-deserved popularity for the years that passed. It doesn't only improve the makeup you apply after it — it also serves you with a longer-lasting effect that spells nothing but good things for you. However, it's a completely new story when people with acne prone skin are involved. Their case are more sensitive and choosing the wrong product to use would be a very bad idea because it might trigger unwanted complexities on your skin. These earned acne prone skins a top spot along the most frustrating possible dilemma you could face. However, you don't have to worry as the makeup industry solved these concerns for you. Let me give you some of the best primers made for acne prone skins which will give you the benefits of an actual primer along with the fact that it's also great for the type of skin mentioned.

Lorac Perfection Mattifying Primer

This primer possess various vitamins including vitamin E, C and A which will guarantee good things for your skin in both the long and short run. It has an oil-free, fragrance free and paraben-free formula that makes it friendly to sensitive skin — which means that people with acne prone skins will love it. It give the surface of your face, a smooth and lovely finish that would definitely step up your makeup into a whole new level.

Clear Prep Matte Foundation Primer & Anti Acne Treatment Gel

The cover of these product alone, would surely persuade you into buying it already. Yes, it has a formula that promises anti-acne treatment and it definitely does it. Applying it will give you the benefits of the regular primer, but with far more benefits that could even erase blemishes and other skin problems. It also has an anti-shine formula that will reduce the size of your pores which will definitely make your skin look more flawless and gorgeous.

Sephora Silicone Free Foundation Primer

Here's another primer that everyone would love. It has a silicone-free and oil-free formula, producing a lightweight effect that's friendly for your skin and will still serve you with a smooth and perfect canvas for your makeups. It's especially designed to give a soothing and refreshing feeling for those with sensitive skins. Thus, perfect for those with acne prone skin.

Skindanavia Makeup Primer Spray

This makeup primer spray will serve you an application procedure that's both healthy and easy. With the spray, you won't have to spread the primer with your fingers — just a few clicks and you'll be finished applying it. It also has a paraben-free and oil-free formula that would make it feel weightless and friendly for people with sensitive skins.

Colorescience Primer for Problem Skin

If you're looking for a great addition to your beauty regime, then it's definitely wise to pick a primer that would give you tons of benefits in one. This primer is specifically made for those with problem skin — especially acne prone skins. It's combined with salicylic acid that will help your skin fight acne and other skin problems you may have now or in the near future. It will also serve you with a smooth and flawless finish — hiding those red or dark spots and blemishes.

In the ever-improving world of makeup, having a skin problem is no longer a reason for you not to use makeup. With these skin friendly makeups and best primers for people with acne prone skins, what could possibly stop you from achieving that glorious, alluring and beautiful appearance that everyone yearns for?


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