Tria Hair Removal Lasers are the only at-home hair removal devices which disable the hair follicle by targeting the melanin at the root without damaging the surrounding skin.

How the Hair Removal Laser Works

Tria Is The Most Powerful At-Home Hair Removal Solution

Tria is the most powerful at-home hair removal solution

Tria's advanced hair removal laser technology safely delivers over 3 times more hair-eliminating energy density (J/cm^2) than any other at-home hair removal devices. Our ultra high energy density, coupled with its precise laser wavelength selection, effectively targets the pigment in the hair follicle to permanently disable its ability to regrow hair. And it's so safe and effective, you'll be amazed at what you can do all by yourself.

Lower Cost, Less Hassle

Professional laser hair removal is the "gold standard," but it's also expensive and can be a hassle. Tria lasers feature the same core diode laser technology used in professional offices. While lasers used by professionals may offer higher peak power and/or greater speed of laser pulse, the Tria Laser 4x delivers excellent, permanent results all on your schedule, in the comfort and the privacy of your home, at a fraction of the cost.

Lower Cost, Less Hassle

Advanced Features of the 4X Laser

Tria Laser 4x features the same core diode laser technology preferred by dermatologists. While professional devices may offer higher peak power and/or greater speed of the laser pulse, the Tria 4X delivers excellent permanent results in the comfort and privacy of your own home with an array of features

Advanced Features Of The 4X Laser
Advanced Features Of The 4X Laser

Hair Removal Laser 4X

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Our most advanced device, Tria Laser 4X, offers professional features and head to toe coverage.

Hair Removal Laser Precision

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Tria Laser Precision is specially designed for small treatment areas such as underarms and face.