Cleanse Your Skin and Your Soul

Cleanse Your Skin and Your Soul

Eat Better, Look Better, Feel Better

Have you given much thought to the connection between what you eat, how you look, and how you feel? Many people eat food without paying attention to what they're putting in their body. They simply ingest things in order to get the sensation of being full, or because they think eating anything will provide the fuel it takes to get them through the day. This approach to eating can lead to an unhealthy body, bad skin, and low energy. So what can you do to eat better, look better, and feel better? It all begins with choosing what you eat wisely, which means picking nourishing plant foods that are fueled with natural energy for your cells and your soul.

What We Eat Affects Our Health

Our body needs proper nutrition to thrive, which means that it needs adequate amounts of protein, fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that keep cells functioning as they should, and fighting damage to cells. The best way to get all of the nourishment you need to stay healthy is to opt for plant-based foods. Plants provide everything we need to thrive and to ward off damage caused by environmental and emotional stressors. Some of the best plant foods that you can eat are fruits and vegetables, which contain complex (slow-acting and long-lasting) carbs; antioxidants (which combat harmful cell growth like cancer); and fiber. Beans provide critical nutrients like protein and iron, and grains and seeds offer protein, healthy fats and fiber, as well. When you eat a plant-based diet, you give your body what it needs to stay energized and to keep you at the peak of health. Wondering how to sustain yourself making only plant-based meals? There are dozens of plant-powered cookbooks and websites that you can refer to if you want to cook up healthy food.

Food Choices Affect Our Skin

When we consider that our skin is made up of cells, and what we eat directly ends up in our cells, it makes sense to consume foods that are healthy and nutrient-rich. Skin cells do not want junk food, toxic food, or not enough food, they want food that is full of vitality and energy. Skin cells thrive when we give them nourishing plant foods that are rich in water for hydration, vitamins that fight free radicals (vitamin C), compounds that inhibit inflammation (found in pineapples and green tea), and enzymes that cleanse the skin (try pumpkin).

Soul Food

There's something about eating good-for-you foods that extends well being beyond what can be felt on a cellular level. Many people find that when they consume healthy plant foods, their energy just feels better and lighter. When food is thought of in terms of energy, we can see that the energy of nutrient-rich plant foods fills our entire body with more vigor and, in turn, energy. The energy we expose ourselves to has an effect on our emotions and our state of being. Negative energy makes us feel tired, stressed or sad. Food without nourishing energy (or negative energy foods) puts our body's systems in a place of lack and hardship, which turns into challenges that our psyche ultimately has to deal with. To best cleanse your body, skin and soul, choose healthy plant foods that are as close to how they're grown in nature as possible. Look to foods provided by the earth, and you will experience improved health, energy and attitude.
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