What Is Blue Light Technology?


How Does Blue Light Technology Work?

Blue light emitting diodes were originally developed for their ability to efficiently produce a tremendous amount of light. The researchers who initially developed the technology were awarded the Nobel Prize for physics in 2014.

Since then, blue light technology has been used in everything from high-speed networking to headlamps, and has even found its way into a wide variety of medical applications and devices, as well.

How Blue Light Technology Works

Among its many other uses in various lighting applications, blue light is harmful to one of the bacteria that can cause acne, Propionibacterium Acnes. These bacteria, also known as P Acnes, cause skin inflammation, but thankfully the bacteria is very sensitive to blue light.

Using blue light can eradicate the P Acnes bacteria, which are normally found in the oil glands of the skin. Additionally, the added benefits of infrared light that can be obtained through the use of home blue light devices can help in causing the oil glands of the skin to shrink with treatment. Shrinking oil glands produce less oil, and less oil means less bacteria.

Over time, blue light skin therapy can have remarkable results in the eradication of acne. Repeated treatments eliminate the bacteria and decrease the inflammation associated with pimples and acne. After a number of blue light treatments, blemishes in the skin will begin to disappear, and your skin will go back to its normal, healthy appearance.

Who Should Use Blue Light Technology

Blue light technology-based acne treatment is indicated for any patients suffering from inflammatory acne, or red pimples. It has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for in-home use, and is able to treat mild to moderate outbreaks of acne. Even patients with severe cases of acne, cystic and scarring acne, have reported positive results from using a blue light treatment device.

Such a device, when used properly, treats the skin with pulses of blue light that kill bacteria without damaging the skin or the eyes. With enough use, significant results can be obtained in the fight against the inflammation and scarring caused by all types of acne.

Blue light devices also work on all types of skin tones, and all degrees of acne inflammation severity, and can provide an excellent alternative to prescriptive acne medication and over-the-counter treatments.

How Blue Light Technology Is Used

Blue light therapy is done using devices that utilize blue light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to deliver bursts of safe and effective blue light to affected skin areas.

It is best to cleanse the face thoroughly prior to using blue light acne treatment, using a cleanser that is specifically designed to exfoliate the skin, and to remove makeup, oil, sunscreen and other materials that may be on the skin, while unclogging pores in a healthy way.

Once the skin is prepared for blue light therapy, the treatment process can begin, with treatments usually lasting less than five minutes per day. Following treatment, the skin should be replenished with a serum that is high in nutrients and antioxidants to foster skin cell renewal, while hastening the healing process.

The Benefits of Blue Light Treatment at Home

The major benefit of using an at-home device for blue light treatment of acne is convenience for the patient. In-office treatments and in-home devices utilize the same safe and effective, FDA-approved wavelengths of blue light to destroy bacteria and reduce inflammation. Given the short duration of daily treatments, in-home delivery of treatment can be a source of major convenience, removing a significant barrier to consistent compliance with treatment.

Blue light treatment, using an in-home device like Tria’s Acne Clearing Blue Light, can help you achieve the clear, acne-free skin you’ve always dreamed of in a safe, easy, pain-free manner.