Halloween Makeup and Healthy Skin Tips

How to Keep Skin Looking Healthy on Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner, and you’re probably already planning something amazing for your costume. Most likely, that amazing costume will require a bit more makeup than you are used to using on a regular basis. It very well might also include using makeup on parts of your body that normally aren’t subjected to it.

If you’re anything like most people when it comes to Halloween makeup, you’re probably planning to slather on the grease paint and deal with the consequences the next day – Fear not, you will not have to do that this year! (more…)

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Celebrities to follow on Instagram | Beauty trends

10 Celebrities on Instagram You Need to Follow

When creating a signature look for yourself, it can sometimes be fun to take a glance at what other women are doing in terms of their style. Of course, there are elements of expression that only you can bring to your personal image, but finding inspiration in others is a great way to start .

Celebrities often sport some of the hottest beauty trends and looks; after all, they’re typically in a great position to access amazing clothes and accessories. And they often have to be on top of the latest hair and makeup styles to compete in their careers. Because of this, many celebrities manage to look superb even without runway-worth attire and beauty products. (more…)

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5 Skin-Saving Foods to Keep You Looking Young


5 Skin-Saving Foods

Having healthy skin requires more than just using a great cleanser or moisturizer each and every day. If you want skin that’s truly soft and supple, then you need to take care of it from the inside out.

After all, your skin is an organ – our largest organ, actually, and it needs nourishment to stay in good condition. This is why it’s so important to feed your body healthy food, because what you put into your mouth fuels every cell you have. Feed your body with healthy skin-saving foods, and you’ll be rewarded with a vibrant and glowing appearance. (more…)

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