Hair Removal Laser 4X

The first FDA-cleared laser available for home use, the Hair Removal Laser 4X uses the same diode laser technology preferred by dermatologists to target and permanently disable the hair follicle for permanent results.


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Hair Removal Laser 4X

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The Hair Removal Laser 4X is effective on most hair and skin tones.
Find out if you'’re a match by selecting the skin tone and hair color in the area you wish to treat.
SKIN TONE: Select the skin tone of the face and/or body location you wish to treat.
white ivory beige light brown medium brown dark brown
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HAIR COLOR: Select the natural hair color of the face and/or body location you wish to treat.
blonde white or grey red light brown medium brown dark brown black 

Select your skin tone and hair color above to view your results.

The skin tone chart serves only as a representation of skin tones that are suitable for use with the Tria Laser 4X. Due to variances in computer-monitor color renderings, the chart should not be used to determine suitability. Permanent results are defined as permanent reduction in hair re-growth defined as a long-term stable reduction in hair counts following a treatment method.

Raves for Hair Removal
Laser 4X

Bid farewell to
unwanted hair

You’re only a few treatments away from having smooth skin—permanently. And as the only FDA-cleared laser technology available for home use, Tria reduces up to 70% of unwanted hair after just 2 treatments in as few as 3 months.

The power of Tria

Tria Hair Removal Lasers have three times more hair eliminating energy than any other at-home hair removal device. Safe and effective, you'll get the permanent results of a professional treatment.

See why Tria gets results

Ratings & Reviews

See how people just like you are enjoying permanent results and freedom from endless hair removal.

Age: 35-44
Gender: Female
use product for: < 2 month
Skin tone: Beige

Tria is wonderful
"Tria has been a great investment. The hair on my upper lip, chin and legs is getting less all the time. I've had Tria for about 2 months and the results are very impressive so far. Thank you for getting rid of this embarrassing hair."

Age: 45-54
Gender: Female
use product for: < 2 month
Skin tone: Beige

Do Not Hesitate... Awesome Purchase!!!
"This is the for real deal!!! No gimmicks... It works!!! I was very hesitate, but this has been the best purchase I have ever made. I have always had facial hair. The older I got the worse it became. When I hit menopause... OMG, it was awful!! I hated having to shower and get ready because I had to spend so much time removing facial hair. It was embarrassing to say the least. I found this product and after two treatments I could tell a huge difference. I can't wait to see the affects in a few months. You can do this in your own home & alone in the bathroom. Just follow the directions which are simple. I have dark color hair and this was a daily chore. You will not regret buying this."

Age: 55-65
Gender: Female
use product for: > 6 months
Skin tone: Beige

The Tria is Excellent
"It seems as if it's almost impossible these days to buy a product that actually does exactly what it advertises. However the Tria definitely gets the exact results advertised. And, it's pretty much dummy-proof. I've had my Tria for about 6 months now. After about 3 treatments (6 weeks) I noticed that the hair I was treating seemed to be much finer. And soon it was gone completely. I'm sorry I put off purchasing it for so long. I really didn't want to spend that much money only to be disappointed. But it was worth every penny."

Age: 18-24
Gender: Female
use product for: 3-5 months
Skin tone: Beige
"I wish I bought this sooner- some hairs disappeared upon my first treatment, and the rest have just become finer with each subsequent treatment if not gone. I have light skin with dark hair, and this product is absolutely amazing. Some areas have been treated for three months, and there are only a scant amount of hairs left. I would recommend this product to anyone with unwanted hair- it's fast, simple, and efficient."

Professional features

We built it first, we built it to be fast, and we built it to give you permanent results. Tria Laser 4X features the same advanced diode laser technology preferred by dermatologists.

LED display
The 4X features a unique interactive LED display that guides you through each treatment, safely and effectively.

Fast and powerful
Specially designed so you can be well on your way to laser smooth skin.

Longer battery life
With a 30-minute battery life, Tria Laser 4X is ideal for covering multiple face and body parts during each treatment.


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