Anti-aging skincare perfected for laser-treated skin


Prepare skin with our Priming Cleanser to remove impurities that block the laser beam, ensuring skin is ideally prepped for laser treatment.

Tria knows light-based skincare and understands the unique needs of
laser-treated skin. The Priming Cleanser and Finishing Serum ensure you get the most out of your laser treatment. Maintain a healthy glow while preserving skin’s natural moisture with our Priming Cleanser, and enjoy anti-aging skin boosters renowned to restore skin found in our Finishing Serum. Complete the 3-step system for radiance:

Anti-aging skincare perfected for laser-treated skin


Visibly improve multiple signs of aging with Age-Defying Laser.


Specifically formulated with soothing plant extracts to help diminish laser sensations for a comfortable experience, end your treatment with our Finishing Serum.

NEW Priming Cleanser
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NEW Age-Defying Skincare Kit
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