Acne Clearing Blue Light

Achieve consistently clear, naturally radiant skin with Tria Blue Light. Get dermatologist results by quickly and effectively eliminating acne-causing bacteria deep beneath the skin’s surface to clear skin and help prevent future breakouts. Unlike traditional acne treatment with harsh ingredients that sit on the surface and irritate skin, Tria Blue Light is gentle, even for sensitive skin. It’s time to finally break the breakout cycle.


Acne Clearing Blue Light


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The results are clear

It’s time to get in the habit of seeing clear skin. Tria Blue Light targets acne-causing bacteria to help prevent future breakouts. Get the dermatologist’s solution for breakout-prone skin, without stepping inside an office.

Consistently clear, at last!

Get clear skin, for keeps. Eliminate the need for harsh acne treatments and achieve naturally clear, luminous skin every day. Crystal traded in her leading acne products for the Tria Blue Light and started seeing fewer blemishes and a radiant complexion after just a few weeks.

Effective as a prescription, gentle as water.

Acne Clearing Blue Light delivers a highly effective dose of bacteria-eliminating blue light, which is proven to eliminate acne. It’s FDA-cleared and clinically-proven safe and effective without drying skin with harsh ingredients like other acne treatments. You’ll help prevent future blemishes from surfacing to finally start enjoying clear, healthy skin every day.

Real people. Real results.

See how people just like you are enjoying Acne Clearing Blue Light at home.

Age: 18-24
Gender: Female
use product for: 3-4 weeks
"After so long of having acne, I finally found a product that keeps it under control and cleared my skin within weeks of using it! I recommend this! 100%"

would you recommend this product: yes

Age: 35-44
Gender: Female,
use product for: > 1 months
Breakout severity: Moderate
"I have been using the Tria Blue Light for one month and have already seen a big difference in the way my skin looks and feels. I have tried many other products to help me have a better complexion and none have worked as well as the Tria Blue Light. I would recommend this product to anyone who struggles with blemishes and wants to improve the look and feel of your skin."

would you recommend this product: yes

Age: 18-24,
Gender: Female,
use product for: > 1 months
Breakout severity: Mild
"I'm on week 4 of my treatment and the condition of my skin has improved about 80%. The texture, look and feel have greatly improved. However, I do have some blemishes that are still popping up so I’m hoping that with continuous use these go away. I’m sticking with it. I use it every night for 5 minutes. I bought the entire system—the face wash, laser and serum."

would you recommend this product: yes

Age: 25-34
Gender: Female,
use product for: > 1 months
Breakout severity: Moderate
"I didn’t get acne until I turned 24 (I’m 26 now) and it completely took me by surprise! For the last 2 years, I tried every product I could find to clear up my skin. I tried cleansers, ointments, vitamins and even changed my diet, but nothing ever worked. I never didn’t have pimples on my face. I tried the Tria Blue Light as a last resort and I am SO glad I did! I noticed my skin clearing up after the first week of using the light. I’ve been using it for 3 months now and my skin is completely clear. I mean it. My acne is gone! I could not be more impressed. I’m in love with this product."

would you recommend this product: yes

Allure calls Tria Blue Light a “breakout star”

Dermatologist Doris Day tells Allure the Tria Blue Light is just as effective for eliminating acne-causing bacteria as the blue light treatments she gives her patients.

See why Allure editors love Tria

Dermatologist technology. FDA-cleared.

Dermatologists have been utilizing the beneficial effects of blue light in their offices ... ” read more

—Ronald G. Wheeland, M.D., F.A.C.P.

Board-certified Dermatologist, Board-certified Dermatopathologist
Past President, American Academy of Dermatology and ASLMS
Professor of Dermatology, Stanford University

Get your best results

For the ultimate Blue Light experience, use the Skin Perfecting Foam Cleanser and Skin Perfecting Serum, specially formulated for skin treated with the Acne Clearing Blue Light.

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